Creamery Can Knickerbocker Glory

A Knickerbocker Glory from the Creamery Can outside Ballymena is enough to convince you that summer is coming. We introduced the Creamery Can Knickerbocker Glory to some of our customers last month and it is fair to say that verdict was overwhelmingly positive.

Creamery Can Knickerbocker Glory

The Creamery Can Knickerbocker Glory can be designed by you. Pick your 2 favourite ice cream flavours and then sit back and enjoy.

Having a Knickerbocker Glory always takes us back to our childhood, when the summers always seemed to be longer and warmer. We know that kids today will enjoy our homemade ice cream just as much as we did back then.

Consider bringing your kids out – maybe a treat during revision time, or to celebrate the end of their exams. We know that lots of primary 7 pupils will be finding out about the school they will be going to in the new term – treat them to a special day out to the Creamery Can to let them celebrate moving on from Primary School. Really the Creamery Can Knickerbocker Glory is just an excuse for you to spend some time with the kids, and enjoy a tasty ice cream together.

Call out at the Creamery Can soon to enjoy our Homemade Ice Cream in a Knickerbocker Glory.

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