Business as Usual at the Creamery Can

At the Creamery Can in Glarryford outside of Ballymena we are open for business from 9-5 every Monday to Saturday. We are located in Glarryford just off the A26 which is experiencing roadworks at the moment but don’t worry, access to the Creamery Can is still easy and available.

Business as Usual at the Creamery Can

Business as Usual at the Creamery Can

11140049_1586469088284813_4679607577176892242_nWe are serving our lunches, cakes and treats from 9-5 and love seeing our customers call in and enjoy a relaxing stop with us. We offer local produce and home made food which is of the highest quality and with our beautiful setting you cant help but feel relaxed as you gaze out into the Ballymena countryside.

So plan to visit the Creamery Can for a catch up with friends, a relaxing cuppa or just to celebrate the start of the school holidays. We recommend our home made ice cream which makes for the perfect summer treat. Don’t let roadworks put you off visiting the Creamery Can as we are still very much open for business this summer.

Creamery Can – Local Produce

At the Creamery Can our milk which is used for our home made ice cream comes from a very nearby local source. In fact it is so close that a few visitors wandered by to take a look at how we are serving our ice cream and Knickerbocker Glory’s.

Creamery Can - Local Produce

Creamery Can - Local ProduceNow there’s something you don’t see every day at your local coffee shop! These two calves were just born and decided to go for a walkabout to see what else goes on on their farm. Because the Creamery Can is part of Dundermot Farm you may well get a glimpse of some farm animals and get a visit from our farmyard dog, Alfie, when you call in for your lunch or a treat.


At the Creamery Can we love the fact that we can use produce from our own farm to make beautiful treats which we can serve to you – our customers. If you need a treat or are looking for a serene, and scenic place to enjoy a cuppa then head out to the Creamery Can on Dundermot farm and keep you eyes peeled as you might meet some of our local animal friends!

Click here to find out how the Creamery Can is working with other local businesses to use only the best local produce.

Gluten free options at the Creamery Can

The Creamery Can in Glarryford outside Ballymena offer some tasty gluten free options. Gluten free options are available on the menu at the Creamery Can because we feel that it is important to cater for customers with special dietary needs. Gluten causes health problems in sufferers of celiac disease. If you suffer from celiac disease or have dietary needs then please inform our staff and we will do our best to cater for your needs.

Gluten free options at the Creamery Can

Here are some of our gluten free treats:

Gluten free options at the Creamery Can

All our ice cream is gluten free. Here it is served with our autumn crumble cake, which is also gluten free. 

Gluten free options at the Creamery Can

And these are salted chocolate and honeycomb bars – they are always a big hit.  They are an excellent treat to be enjoyed with a pot of tea or a cup of coffee.

Enjoy these and many more gluten free options at The Creamery Can

Homemade Ice cream – Ballymena

The Creamery Can in Glarryford, Ballymena, serves wonderful home made ice cream Monday – Saturday. Our Homemade Ice cream has been really popular and our speciality flavours are definitely worth trying. Our Homemade Yellow man ice cream was created in celebration of the recent Ould Lammas Fair in Ballycastle.


Yellow man has been sold at the Ould Lammas for years and is a traditional Northern Irish sweet similar to honeycomb. Our customers certainly enjoyed tucking into some samples. We love seeing our customers with a smile on their face.

Call in with us here at the Creamery Can on Station Road in Glarryford, Ballymena, and enjoy quality time with a friend or loved one over a cup of coffee, tea and some of our speciality home made ice cream.



Creamery Can – Glarryford

Here at the Creamery Can in Glarryford, Ballymena we have been baking, making tea, coffee and serving food and ice cream overtime to keep up with all our great customers who have come in and supported us. We have loved our first few months in the Creamery Can and want to thank all the customer who have visited us so far.

If you haven’t been out yet then this is a flavour of what’s been on offer!



Our Black Forest terrine with fresh cream and black cherries was enjoyed by lots of customers. Also look out for our Great British Bake Off inspired treats. We love the BBC1 show so much that we recreated their first ‘signature bake’ – the cherry cake ring! It was a winner. And finally after all of our over indulging on cakes and ice cream we decided to opt for a very healthy and tasty energy boost! Homemade granola with pecans, cranberries and maple syrup, topped off with natural yogurt is the perfect start to any day whether you are working or enjoying a day off!

See the main Creamery Can menu here and pick out what you would like to try, but keep an eye out for our specials too! We are open 9am to 5pm on Monday to Saturday and we would love to see you call over. Find us at the Creamery Can, Dundermot House, 30 Station Road, Glarryford outside Ballymena.

Creamery Can – Glarryford – Ballymena

The Creamery Can, Ballymena! We are Open!!


Finally the lid is off The Creamery Can and we are inviting members of the public and our local community to jump in and see what’s on offer!

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We are a family business – run by a family to create a wider family of customers who, like us, believe in quality ingredients and home made goodness. The dream has always been to re-create what happens any day round the Reid family kitchen table with friends and family. Where the aroma of freshly baked scones or savoury dishes is common place. A sense of hearth and home. A place where folk can gather and share good food and good conversation.

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Everything on our menu has been baked on site using fresh local ingredients. This way we can stand over every product and give customers confidence and satisfaction in what we supply. Whether you are looking for a creamy cappuccino, a large honeycomb waffle cone or a gluten free treat, we are here to listen and cater for your needs in the best way we can. Of course this takes time and effort but we believe it’s worth it!

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So come along and check us out. A warm welcome awaits you.

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