Creamery Can – Ice Cream

The Creamery Can in Glarryford outside Ballymena serve home made ice cream. As spring is starting to appear again this is a good time to introduce you to one of our favourite Creamery Can products. Our home made ice cream.

One of the best things is that we know exactly what quality ingredients we put into it. That is why we use our own organic milk and cream produced on our very own farm. Hugh has been introducing lots of new flavours including Snickers, Ferrero Rocher, rhubarb & custard, lemon meringue and white chocolate. Also keep an eye out for our seasonal variations – last years in celebration of the ‘Oul Lammas fair’ Hugh made Yellow Man ice cream! It was a big hit.

Creamery Can - Ice Cream

Really the sky is the limit when it comes to ice cream flavours and we love to experiment! Since our basic creme anglaise is of such a high creamy quality due to its organic milk and cream content, really our ice cream can carry off any flavour with flair! Our Ice Cream is available in a cone or in tubs. We also can add it to one of our home made tasty desserts. We don’t know about you but cannot wait for the sunny weather to arrive so we can tempt you to even more wonderful flavours. Call in with us at the Creamery Can in Glarryford, Ballymena to see the flavours which are available in our homemade ice cream.

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