Creamery Can working with local butcher

We know here at the Creamery Can we spend lots of time talking about our caramel squares, cakes and yummy treats but we know that lots of our customers prefer our savoury snacks and meals. It is important for local businesses to support each other and that is why we at the Creamery Can work with local butcher Tom Ferguson. That means that our bacon, sausages and ham come from just a few miles down the road.


One of the best things about working with Tom is that he makes our sausages himself. Hugh from the Creamery Can has been able to go and meet with Tom and discuss exactly what we want in our sausages. When you order a fry, each sausage has been designed to Hugh’s very own specifications to make sure it has a high pork content and is a unique high quality product.

So when you get your breakfast, lunch or any savoury snack at the Creamery Can you are you aren’t just enjoying a unique view – you are also getting the benefit of local expertise and excellent produce. We love working with local businesses and producers – that is what makes the Creamery Can so special.


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