Creamery Can – Local Produce

At the Creamery Can our milk which is used for our home made ice cream comes from a very nearby local source. In fact it is so close that a few visitors wandered by to take a look at how we are serving our ice cream and Knickerbocker Glory’s.

Creamery Can - Local Produce

Creamery Can - Local ProduceNow there’s something you don’t see every day at your local coffee shop! These two calves were just born and decided to go for a walkabout to see what else goes on on their farm. Because the Creamery Can is part of Dundermot Farm you may well get a glimpse of some farm animals and get a visit from our farmyard dog, Alfie, when you call in for your lunch or a treat.


At the Creamery Can we love the fact that we can use produce from our own farm to make beautiful treats which we can serve to you – our customers. If you need a treat or are looking for a serene, and scenic place to enjoy a cuppa then head out to the Creamery Can on Dundermot farm and keep you eyes peeled as you might meet some of our local animal friends!

Click here to find out how the Creamery Can is working with other local businesses to use only the best local produce.

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