Creamery Can working with local butcher

We know here at the Creamery Can we spend lots of time talking about our caramel squares, cakes and yummy treats but we know that lots of our customers prefer our savoury snacks and meals. It is important for local businesses to support each other and that is why we at the Creamery Can work with local butcher Tom Ferguson. That means that our bacon, sausages and ham come from just a few miles down the road.


One of the best things about working with Tom is that he makes our sausages himself. Hugh from the Creamery Can has been able to go and meet with Tom and discuss exactly what we want in our sausages. When you order a fry, each sausage has been designed to Hugh’s very own specifications to make sure it has a high pork content and is a unique high quality product.

So when you get your breakfast, lunch or any savoury snack at the Creamery Can you are you aren’t just enjoying a unique view – you are also getting the benefit of local expertise and excellent produce. We love working with local businesses and producers – that is what makes the Creamery Can so special.


The Creamery Can Ballymena – Find us here

The Creamery Can is a coffee shop which celebrates artisan food, speciality coffee and a lively community. We are located 15 minutes outside Ballymena in Glarryford, on Station Road. If you are looking for the Creamery Can then check out the map below and keep your eyes open for our Creamery Can signs at Dundermotte Farm.

Pop in and enjoy a quick coffee and a caramel square, or stay with us for a long lunch. We at the Creamery Can love to see our customers enjoying a chat with friends, having quiet lunch or popping in for a quick meeting. If you are visiting Ballymena for the day then consider calling out to visit us at the Creamery Can.

Caramel Squares at the Creamery Can

Here at the Creamery Can in Ballymena we gets lots of questions about our caramel square and what makes them so tempting.


Our caramel squares have become very well known as our signature bake and many of our customers tell us they are the best around. Which is brilliant! Want to know what makes them so good?vv

Well, We pride ourselves in producing a thick buttery shortcake base, equally thick golden caramel made with even more butter and then topping the whole thing with the best quality Belgian chocolate.  We cut them generous sized and chunky displayed in all their glory on an oak board – they’re hard to resist! No expense or calories spared but we believe they’re worth it!

Did you think we were going to give away our secret recipe? – I’m afraid not! You will just have to call in with us at the Creamery Can Ballymena and enjoy them with a gorgeous coffee or a pot of tea.

Homemade Ice cream – Ballymena

The Creamery Can in Glarryford, Ballymena, serves wonderful home made ice cream Monday – Saturday. Our Homemade Ice cream has been really popular and our speciality flavours are definitely worth trying. Our Homemade Yellow man ice cream was created in celebration of the recent Ould Lammas Fair in Ballycastle.


Yellow man has been sold at the Ould Lammas for years and is a traditional Northern Irish sweet similar to honeycomb. Our customers certainly enjoyed tucking into some samples. We love seeing our customers with a smile on their face.

Call in with us here at the Creamery Can on Station Road in Glarryford, Ballymena, and enjoy quality time with a friend or loved one over a cup of coffee, tea and some of our speciality home made ice cream.



The Creamery Can, Ballymena! We are Open!!


Finally the lid is off The Creamery Can and we are inviting members of the public and our local community to jump in and see what’s on offer!

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We are a family business – run by a family to create a wider family of customers who, like us, believe in quality ingredients and home made goodness. The dream has always been to re-create what happens any day round the Reid family kitchen table with friends and family. Where the aroma of freshly baked scones or savoury dishes is common place. A sense of hearth and home. A place where folk can gather and share good food and good conversation.

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Everything on our menu has been baked on site using fresh local ingredients. This way we can stand over every product and give customers confidence and satisfaction in what we supply. Whether you are looking for a creamy cappuccino, a large honeycomb waffle cone or a gluten free treat, we are here to listen and cater for your needs in the best way we can. Of course this takes time and effort but we believe it’s worth it!

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So come along and check us out. A warm welcome awaits you.

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Dundermot House, 30 Station Road, Glarryford, Co Antrim BT44 9RA
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